Saturday, 13 February 2010

Old School?

If you haven't checked Tribe, then you gotta, they have so much good stuff, plus theres no swearing! Incredible.

On the other hand...

Might be the best thing I've ever heard ever....WU TANG!

Hugs 4 Thugs Launch


Tuesday the 23rd the hugs will be plentiful as Hugs 4 Thugs begins @ the Flying Duck on Renfrew St

DJ Nitch Bigger, Yassmaster Flash, DJ Lyall, DJ Martian What & Zeb

A random mash up of "old skool hiphop, real funk, crunk, junk and anythin else we wanna play" as well as live digital art by Joe Crogan & Mediaheroic

Oh, and its FREE

This blogs gonna keep all you brohams and brodettes up to date with artists work we display as well as hiting you with music we play



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